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The following are GCN members in Europe:


A9 Consulting - Sonderborg, Denmark

A9 is a Copenhagen-based consulting firm specializing in business/market Intelligence and knowledge management.  They offer a full spectrum of information and knowledge based services ranging from market research to strategic guidance for internal knowledge and corporate operations.


Advisea O.O.D. - Sofia, Bulgaria

Advisea is a business and legal consulting firm that offers market entry and business development services to foreign companies and organizations, in Bulgaria as well as of other South-East Europe markets. Services include: market research and analysis, market entry strategy, company formation, business matchmaking, management consulting, legal and tax consulting, accounting services, personnel services, EU funds consulting, etc. 


BiDCON - Kiel, Germany

BiDCON offers corporate development consulting services to small and mid-size technology companies seeking to enter the largest homogenous market in Europe, Germany.   Their industry expertise includes automotive, chemical, consumer goods, electronics, energy, IT, and life sciences. 


BIZConsult Ltd. - Tallinn, Estonia

BIZConsult is a marketing and business consultancy based in Tallinn, with a branch office in Kiev, which provides market research, business matchmaking, meeting facilitation, and management consulting services to clients seeking to do business in the Baltic States and the Ukraine.


Business and Marketing Analytic Centre - Moscow, Russia

Founded in 1968, Business & Marketing Analytic Centre is a part of the International Center for Scientific and Technical Information and focuses on assisting foreign companies in entering the Russian and CIS markets.


BZB Consultancy - Amsterdam, Netherlands

BZB was established to provide foreign companies with business support services to facilitate their entry into the Dutch market. BZB serves clients in various sectors including telecom, industrial outsourcing services and safety systems.


Consulton - Warsaw, Poland

Consulton specializes in strategic partnering, business planning, market research and related consulting services, focusing on Poland and select markets in Eastern Europe.


Easylink Business Services - Prague, Czech Republic

Easylink is a leading Central European consultancy providing market research and market entry services to foreign companies seeking sales, investment or sourcing opportunities, commercial intelligence and/or business partners and customers in the CEE region.


EKT Group - Vilnius, Lithuania

EKT Group is a private Lithuanian consulting company, providing management, marketing consulting, marketing research, competitive intelligence and training services for business organizations and public institutions.


Eric P. Gilles Conseil - Paris, France

Gilles Consulting specializes in business development, strategy, and partnering, in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device fields - with over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and extensive international deal-making expertise.


Equinox Advisory - Valletta, Malta

Equinox Advisory offers specialized services in the legal, economics, corporate, and technology areas. Equinox services include accountancy, business advisory & consultancy, corporate analytics, marketing, EU funding, human resources outsourcing, economic analyses, appraisals & impact assessments, quantitative economics, regulatory & law economics, various areas of law such as tax law, IT law, banking & finance law, entertainment law, corporate law and agreements.


European Market Link - Valais, Switzerland

European Market Link specializes in regional market development, focusing on US industrial companies wishing to expand their business in Europe. They cover all of the EU and most of Europe; performing quick market assessments, local language market research, entrance and expansion strategy, partner & client searches.  They also offer contract sales and culture training through a team of 19 country experts.


Excedea - Tallinn, Estonia
Excedea is a management and investment advisor in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, with long experience in helping multinational companies and investors in performing market, financial, strategy and acquisition analyses. Recently they have been increasingly active in helping Baltic companies create growth strategies and raise financing.


Expand International - Leipzig, Germany

EXPAND INTERNATIONAL is an independent German consulting company that aims at helping SMEís increase their export sales by developing and implementing practical and individual concepts for their international activities as well as through market intelligence, communications support and by identifying sales partners and customers.


Expatia Consultancy - Istanbul, Turkey
Expatia provides qualified and cost-effective market development services to support the operations of international companies in Turkey. Similarly, they do research and engage in promotional services for overseas Trade Promotion and Foreign Direct Investment Agencies targeting Turkey by analyzing information on the market, facilitating contacts with Turkish businesses and locally promoting international products and services.


Fraser International Business Development Ltd. - Cardiff, Wales UK

Fraser International was founded as a resource for businesses wanting to expand globally. Services include: Market intelligence on opportunities and pricing strategies; Identifying companies to manufacture products under licence; Developing and managing international sales/distributor networks; Overseas exhibition services; Guidance through export procedures and systemisation; and International sales management.


FRD Center Market Entry Services - Bucharest, Romania

FRD Center offers market entry service for companies interested to do business, source, invest, or participate in development projects in Romania and Bulgaria.  Services include market reports, sector studies, property investment advice/support, business matchmaking & supplier identification.


GatewayBaltic Ltd.  - Riga, Latvia

GatewayBaltic is an international consulting firm  that acts as a gateway for companies seeking to enter the Baltic States and an opening for Baltic companies to international markets.  GatewayBaltic has knowledge of the local business environment, culture, and a wide network within corporate and public sectors in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.


Growth Setting - Lisbon, Portugal

Growth Setting is part of the Business Setting group of companies, providing consulting services for Growth Setting (Business Development), Finance Setting (Corporate Finance), Cost Setting (Cost Reduction), and Agenda Setting (Corporate Communication) in energy, media, food, transport, finance, etc. - in Portugal & Portugese language countries.   


IBS Research & Consultancy - Istanbul, Turkey
IBS assists local and international companies build their businesses in Turkey and Central Asia. Drawing upon the experience developed over 20 years , IBS undertakes specialized studies for individual clients, focusing on specific sub-sectors and competitive opportunities.


Infoline - Alicante, Spain

Infoline specializes in business information, market research, and competitive intelligence.  With three offices in Spain, it covers Spanish and Portuguese public companies, and various information sources.


InterPharmaLink - Basel, Switzerland

InterPharmaLink is a healthcare management consulting firm, focusing on pharmaceutical product portfolio optimization, business development and supply chain optimization.


LC Innoconsult International - Szeged, Hungary

LC Innoconsult was established in 1992 in Hungary to help companies, businesses and public institutions of the region to gain access to, use and manage innovation, innovation sources and innovation reserves. Their objective is to provide complex innovational services that accompany our clients from the innovational idea through to selling the intellectual product.


MARKETiN Market Intelligence - JŠnovce, Slovakia

MARKETiN is a strategy and marketing consultancy providing customized competitive intelligence, market research and industry analysis studies as well as full-service business development support for companies intending to do business in Slovakia and/or other European countries.


MC Xtend - Mornago (Varese), Italy

MC Xtend is a business development consulting firm offering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the appropriate means to expand their markets and manage their international business relations, via new product search, partner search, project management, and communication strategy.


Nitra AS - Oslo, Norway

Nitra is a marketing consultancy company focusing on business relations between Europe and Japan, providing clients with strategic information about the Japanese market, including market characteristics and regulations, technology transfer, partner search, and M&A activities.


PMR Consulting - Cracow, Poland

PMR is a British-American company based in Poland, offering a wide range of business development consulting services throughout Eastern Europe.  This includes market feasibility studies, distribution and other partner searches, acquisition and joint venture assistance, etc.


Proactive Strategic Intelligence - Athens, Greece

Proactive Strategic Intelligence is a premier business advisory professional firm and international technology solution provider. PSI covers Central & Eastern Europe, along with the Middle East, providing strategic planning, competitive intelligence and research services.


R-Techno Ltd. - Moscow, Russia

R-Techno renders a complete range of services, starting from risk and threat identification at project start-up to crisis management within international corporations.  Core activities include business intelligence, fraud investigation, crisis management, & business development services.


Ruby Consulting - Meath, Ireland

Ruby Consulting provides Strategy, Innovation, Leadership and Business Development services to high growth firms operating in/through Ireland, UK and international developing economies across the life sciences, cleantech and food science/agritech industries.


Science2Business - Dublin, Ireland

Science2Business is an Ireland-based life science consultancy focused on biopharma, diagnostics, medical devices and veterinary health.  Services include partnering; licensing; due diligence; commercial and IP valuation.


Sotres Sp. zo o.o. - Warsaw, Poland

Sotres is is a consulting company based in Warsaw, Poland and it is specialized in effective business matchmaking, market research, competitive analysis and business intelligence services in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries..


SYNCHROTECH Consulting - Kiev, Ukraine

SYNCHROTECH Consulting is an international trade & investment consulting firm offering market entry and business development services to foreign companies in the CIS countries. Services include: market research and analysis, business matchmaking, trade show participation,  market entry strategy, company formation & incubation, management consulting, M&A target identification, agricultural commodity brokerage, etc.


Vise Consulting Ltd. - Hameenlinna, Finland

Vise Consulting offers expertise in all key issues related to international business, helping both private and public sector organizations to identify opportunities, define goals, plan strategies, and improve effectiveness.



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