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The following are GCN members in the Middle East and Africa:


Actag Limited - Lagos, Nigeria

Actag's business consulting practice includes the provision of cutting edge solutions in customer service delivery, process improvement, market research, business development and other management advisory services for clients in transport (aviation, roads, shipping), oil and gas, construction/real estate, commodities, mining and the service industries.


Arabian Enterprise Incubators - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI) is a Saudi based consultancy enabling companies to pursue, grow and deliver business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  It provides market expertise, services and infrastructure to expedite establishment and reduce the cost of doing business there.  AEI provides companies with an instant footprint and expertise to access the market in a low risk, cost-effective way.


A-Z Business Consultancy - Dubai, UAE

A-Z Business Consultancy is a consulting firm which supports companies that wish to establish their business in UAE and Gulf Region. They provide to their clients services such as company formation (free zones, locally and off-shore), business and finance consultancy, assistance in choosing appropriate partner(s) in UAE and worldwide,  and company registration.


Buhaisi Consulting International LLC - Cairo, Egypt

Buhaisi Consulting is a full service international business development consulting firm.  It helps international companies develop their business opportunities and operations in the Egyptian and MENA region markets,  providing cost effective high level of expertise in market assessment, strategies and implementations.


Cameroon International Business Consulting Co. - Douala, Cameroon

Cameroon International Business Consulting Company (CIBC) has a proven track record of helping global companies establish a strong foothold in Cameroon and Central Africa.  Capabilities include market research & due diligence, market entry & local management, legal services, business verification, visas & work permits, and media relations & event planning.


Dajani Consulting Co. - Amman, Jordan

Dajani Consulting is a leading Management, Economic consulting firm that provides Consulting and Training for Jordan and the region.  Its main services include providing consulting in the field of investment , labor economics , market research and monitoring & evaluation.  Providing high quality services to clients is the No. 1 priority for the company.


Entry Point Africa- Lusaka, Zambia

Entry-Point Africa Ltd (EPA) is a Zambia based, Africa focused Private Sector Development advisory firm. EPA is a multidisciplinary consulting firm which seeks to build successful businesses across Africa in fast growing sectors. EPA’s team includes business advisors, financial analysts, policy analysts and other experts who deliver bespoke solutions to clients.


Frontier Advisory - Johannesburg, South Africa

Frontier Advisory is a leading Research, Strategy and Advisory firm that assists clients to improve their competitiveness in frontier and emerging markets in Africa. The firm works with the leadership of clients in business, government and nongovernmental sectors as well as academia to deepen their understanding and enhance their ability to succeed in these markets.


Hands On Management Consulting Co. - Cairo, Egypt

Hands On Management Consulting is a regional management consulting and training firm providing services to Egyptian, Middle East and multinational corporations and government agencies.  Consulting services include corporate strategy, business processes, marketing, ICT, and organizational development and training.


IBIS - Pretoria, South Africa

IBIS is a boutique competitive intelligence consulting company active mainly in South Africa. Services include the implementation of competitive intelligence in client companies as well as market, industry, products and competitor analysis.  IBIS also executes business information requests regarding Africa and African matters and global issues, especially exports.


KC Business Advisory - Tunis, Tunisia

K.C Business Advisory offers companies, government institutions, nongovernmental organizations (NGO), and individuals high-quality consulting services in business development, market development, market intelligence, legal and tax advisory services in Tunisia and Libya.


Samer Nassar & Associates - Jerusalem, Israel

Samer Nassar & Associates is a well-established consulting firm specialized in providing professional business and financing solutions, both equity and debt, to clients from all fields of business and industry.  They have the experience, expertise and the worldwide contacts needed to answer client business needs in a timely and professional manner.


Serefaco Consultants Limited - Kampala, Uganda

Serefaco Consultants is an independent inter-disciplinary consulting firm established in 1981. While its initial market of focus was the East and Central African region, it later focused its operations on the entire African continent. Projects undertaken are either initiated by governments, international donor agencies, international organizations or private sector companies.  A broad range of services are provided, including engineering design, environmental studies, land use planning, and market analysis.



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